A new year and a new reading group! I was thinking over the Christmas holidays about how fast and busy everything is these days, and how it would be lovely to slow down a bit. There’s slow food, slow travel, slow towns, I thought, so why not have a Slow Reading Group that met to read a really good book, really, really slowly?

The idea is that the group will meet every Wednesday morning from 10.30 for an hour and, over coffee and biscuits, read Middlemarch by George Eliot just a few pages at a time. We will all read from the same copy (the Everyman edition – a beautiful hardback, available from the bookshop) and participants will read their pages at home, then join together in the bookshop to discuss that week’s reading. 

Whether you’ve already read Middlemarch, or have not yet had the pleasure, this group is for you if you like the thought of a slow read! The first meeting will be free and will be a gathering to drink coffee, buy the book and discuss how it will all work so that you can be sure that it’s what you want to do. After that, there will be a break of two weeks so that you can get some advance reading done, and from then on we’ll meet every week, with breaks for holidays, etc. The fee will be £5 per week, and after the first month (again, giving you time to make sure its right for you) we will close the group to new members.

When we get to the end of Middlemarch (it will take us about a year an a half to read it, I think), we will have a short break, choose the next book and open up the group again to new members so that the dynamic is always fresh and inclusive.
Do get in touch if you have any questions, or come to the first ‘taster’ meeting on Wednesday, 10 February at 10.30 am. The group will begin properly on Wednesday, 24 February. I do hope you’ll join me for what will be a fun, enriching and unusual experience, and can I stress that this group is suitable for anyone who enjoys reading: anyone!

Anna x