Secondhand Books

Upstairs in our extensive second-hand books department, you can browse for hours in tranquillity, surrounded by ancient oak beams and with lots of snug corners to lose yourself in. There’s also a coffee making area where you can help yourself to delicious coffee or a range of teas. Make yourself at home!

We have dedicated sections for books on Shropshire and the Welsh Marches, topography, history, military history, transport, travel, biography, fiction, poetry, plays, art, architecture, nature, children's books, music, cookery, gardening and more, as well as some beautiful antiquarian and collectable volumes.

Books for charity

Outside in our 'honesty alley', there are secondhand books for sale to raise much-needed money for the Conakry Refugee School in Guinea, West Africa. These books can be bought at any time of day or night - if we are not open, just pop your donation through the letterbox.

Do we buy secondhand books?

Yes, we do. But, as space is at a premium, occasionally we have to say 'No more!' If you have some secondhand books that you would like us to consider, please email us in the first instance with a general description of the books you want to sell (age, condition, etc) and we will get back to you. Even if we can't take them, we might know someone who can.