eBooks from Wenlock Books

We love real books - the feel of a crisp cover, the smell of ink and paper, and the way they dry out after we've dropped them in the bath.  But we also understand the convenience of ebooks and the benefits to many of reading on a screen.

If you like ebooks, whether as your go-to reading experience or as an occasional necessity, but you still want to support independent bookselling, then we might just have the solution (unless you have a Kindle, in which case please see below).

The Indie eBook Shop is run by those fine folk at National Book Tokens and if you purchase ebooks from them using the links on this page, then a small commission will come our way.

It's all very straightforward and their website has a comprehensive help section should you run into any problems, but if you get really stuck, please do email us - we're here to help!

A note for Kindle owners

Unfortunately, ebooks purchased through the Indie eBook Shop are not compatible with Kindle eReaders. Sorry!