Children's books

Our children's corner is lively, welcoming and full of the best children's books to encourage a lifelong love of reading. For our youngest visitors, we have a box of toys and books to play with while their grown-ups browse the shelves.

Board books

Designed for small hands, board books can withstand almost anything - from a good chew by gummy teeth to mashed banana hurled in an exuberant fit of joy. They also have good stories in them.

Picture books

Picture books are that crucial stepping stone from board book to 'real' book. Full of colour and warmth, these books have stunning visuals and minimal (but engaging) text to start drawing young children into the magical world of story.

Budding readers

Discovering captivating stories is a great thrill for budding readers and a deep pleasure for parents as they watch their child unlock the codes of words and reading. We pick titles carefully so that children can embark on their own reading adventure with confidence and enthusiasm. 

Under the covers  by torchlight...

We provide the very best fiction for independent readers, from the classics to titles by the most exciting contemporary children's authors. We don't sell torches, but we do secretly support any child that wants to stay up reading past bedtime!

Young adults

Young adult books are the springboard to a vast new world of adult literature. As with the books we stock for younger children, we make sure these titles are not only good, but time-stoppingly, heart-thumpingly, mind-expandingly good. Many of these titles are popular with our grown up customers, too.

... and more

We also stock children's poetry, activity and sticker books, and a number of titles to aid learning. We hope you will find the right book for your child on our shelves but, if not, we can always order it for you.