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Into The Fire by Manda Scott

Firstly, I was honoured to have my copy of this book signed by my chum Manda Scott; someone I have been friends of for several years; since I first proof read her original website.

Having read, initially, her superb novels about Boudica, then went on to her excellent Rome books – and enjoyed every word! I am sure that the knowledge I have gleaned from all of her books on Ancient Rome will assist me when I take my Third Level Module with the Open University – The Roman Empire, for my BA (HONS) Degree in History.

Her Historical Fiction understanding knows no bounds – and how she portrayed Jeanne d’Arc led me to think about ‘The Maid’ in a hugely different way, as, previously, I believed the hyperbole that this warrior was a heretic, when, in fact she was not! Thanks to the historical proof coupled with the twist near to the end of the book had me rooting for ‘The Maid’ – and it would be nice, if what she represented, was the truth of really what happened. To interlace the fifteenth century happenings with twenty first century fiction was, in my humble opinion, brilliant!

Now that I know she writes Crime Fiction too, I shall, when I have time, read that too.

When the Boudica TV episodes reach our screens – I shall be watching...

I look forward to meeting her again in October, in Harrogate.

Glyn Johns

Many thanks to Glyn for sending us his review. We still have signed first edition copies of Into the Fire available to order online or in the bookshop if he has inspired you to add it to your reading list.