BAMB 7Qs with Nadia Kingsley of Fairacre Press

Nadia Kingsley will be joining us on Books Are My Bag day - Saturday 10 October - between 10 am and 11:30 am! Nadia will be enjoying cake as well as chats, photos and book signings!

Nadia Kingsley is the owner of Fairacre Press which she set up in 2011 after running a successful project about Shropshire Butterflies which was attended by poets and artists. Nadia also writes short stories and poetry - you may have seen her perform at the Wenlock Poetry Festival! Fairacre Press is the publishing house behind the Wenlock Poetry Festival anthologies as well as Liz Lefroy's poetry pamphet, Mending the Ordinary.

1) Why are high street and independent bookshops important to you?

“Short answer - they are where I feel at home. I think the ones that have not only survived, but thrived in recent years are run by extraordinary people whose lives are fuelled by words on the page - just as I am."

2) Name your three favourite independent bookshops (apart from us, of course!). What makes them special?

“I HAVE to include Wenlock Books. Sorry. It's top of my list! Having moved near Oswestry last year I have now discovered Booka Bookshop! I don't know the other Shropshire bookshops at all well, but I'm going to change that in the next year... Years ago there was a gorgeous bookshop on Mill Road, in Cambridge that I adored.
What makes them special? Their locations, the buildings, the books. But it has to be the heart and intention within the owner that really creates it into such a special place."

3) What is the best, funniest, quirkiest or most moving experience you have ever had in a bookshop?

“Well, this isn't strictly answering your question but hearing Chris Hadfield, the Canadian "singing" astronaut in an Oswestry hotel organised by Booka Bookshop felt a long way from everything we knew because of the size of the audience.

".... if you ever get the chance to take a space walk, I really recommend it" said Chris. 

I can repeat his talk, verbatim, I reckon - and it was all about the experience of living on Earth, in fact!"


4) What three words come to mind when you think of Wenlock Books?

“Cornucopia, hive, joy."

5) What has been your favourite book of 2015 so far?

“I thought you said this was a quick fire round. Not with this question Jasmine!!

The Gold Cell by Sharon Olds - A-maz-ing.

Fresco by Sheri S Tepper - I love good sci-fi.

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, even though I'm only 4 chapters in so far - this is astonishingly well written!

Short stories by Tobias Wolff ... All of these will stay with me."

6) What books are you looking forward to reading before the end of the year?

“Physical by Andrew McMillan, which I have been waiting to buy from Wenlock Books; a book on the Welsh Language that my partner bought me at the Eisteddfod last week; more Sharon Olds; and the manuscripts of the five books I am publishing in 2016, which I've read already of course! You really have to love someone's work to publish them as you spend a lot of time with their words! :) But it is such a privileged position to be in."

7) What are your top three desert island reads?

“Now I can't answer that Jasmine - there are too many books I love! But, poetry... poetry that really touches me, demands to be re-read over and over: John Siddique, Roz Goddard, Sharon Olds, Jonathan Edwards, Keith Chandler, Liz Lefroy, The Almond and the Seahorse: a play by Kaite O'Reilly, Emma Purshouse, eek - so many more! Then maybe a very cold book of fiction like Burial Rites, set in Iceland ... I don't know! It's what takes me the longest to do when I pack for a holiday. But, I do know it wouldn't be the complete works of Shakespeare or the Bible."

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