Our Vintage Pimm's Party!

On Saturday 13 August we held a Vintage Pimm's Party to celebrate the fabulous titles that Vintage publish. Susie curated a section of interesting and unusual gems and Jasmine and Imogen created a window display. We raided Jasmine's craft box and found stamps, sticky scrabble tiles, gift tags, card and tissue paper which we used to make recommendation signs for in the window, and with help from Molly at Ippikin we made some gorgeous pom-poms for our Pimm's display. All of the delicious treats were homemade by Ellie!

Read our customer review of The Leopard:

"I am not alone in considering this to be the greatest novel of the twentieth century. It was published posthumously in 1958, with the title “Il Gattopardo”, and translated into English in 1960; then filmed in 1963, directed by Visconti, with Burt Lancaster taking the leading role."

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Read Jasmine's review of Strangers on a Train:

"Strangers on a Train is a psychological crime novel, written and set in 1950s America. In the first chapter we are introduced to Guy Haines, an architect travelling south to organise his divorce, and Charles ‘Bruno’ Bruno, a young and unhinged New Yorker."

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Read Ellie's Children's Book Club review of The Secret Garden:

"The Secret Garden is about a girl called Mary Lennox who goes to live in a big house by a moor. In the house she keeps on hearing a boy crying in the middle of the night. After a while she decides to start to investigate."

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