6 Questions with Edward Hancox

We asked Edward Hancox, author of Iceland Defrosted, six questions about being a writer and his favourite books!

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1) What was your inspiration for writing this book? 
“Iceland. I became obsessed with Iceland, the country, some years ago. I'd visited several times, and was looking for a way to record my memories and feelings. Photography didn't cut it - I'm not a photographer by a long way - and an Icelandic friend suggested writing. He was right, and it's actually a very Icelandic thing to do; one in ten Icelanders publish a book during their lifetime. The country, the people and the culture itself are totally inspiring, so I'm not surprised that Icelanders are so creative."

2) What were the main challenges that you faced when writing this book?
“Writing was the easy part; I enjoyed it immensely. Editing was really hard. My editor worked on the Rough Guides series of guidebooks so knows what she is talking about, but she was brutally honest. It felt like she had butchered the manuscript to start with. She removed whole chunks of text, rearranged others and suggested a new structure. It was hard to accept, but ultimately it was the right thing to do."

3) As a child or young teenager, did you want to be a writer and if so, is it as you expected? 
“No, absolutely not! I fell into this writing thing, it just kind of happened to me. I've always enjoyed reading and writing, and did fairly well at school, but the book wasn't at all planned."

4) Who are the writers that have influenced you?
“Well, it's mainly travel writers such as Bill Bryson, Tony Hawks, Paul Smith (the Twitchiker!) and Barry Lopez. I have tried to incorporate humour into my writing, but not in a cheesy, predictable way. I was really inspired by the late Pete McCarthy, whose travels around Ireland whilst drinking Guinness and eating Singapore Noodles always made me smile."

5) What's in your reading pile currently?
“Lots. I always have a huge reading pile. The Hunt for The Golden Mole by Richard Girling & The Almost Nearly Perfect People by Michael Booth. There are loads of others but these are looking like contenders for the next to be read!"

6) What is your all time favourite book?
“Pete McCarthy : McCarthy's Bar."

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