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Originally posted on on 26th June 2015

Independent Bookshop Crawl 2015

For the last two years, IndieBound UK and Books Are My Bag have come together to champion indie bookshops throughout a week in June. This year’s theme is to #giveabook which was perfect if you wanted to treat Dad, as Father’s Day fell conveniently in Indie Book Week. As mine isn’t much of a reader, I decided to join forces with The Book Goddess today and go on a book crawl!

We each swapped books with each other and gave ourselves themes. Originally, we came up with three ‘Yours': A bookseller recommendation, ‘Mine': A recommendation from each other, and ‘Ours': A book which we really wanted that we would like gifted from the other person.

It’s a bit difficult for us to do a book crawl, as where we live there aren’t any independent bookshops. You have to travel a little bit, so our crawl was more of a road trip! We did want to try and get to three bookshops but due to several mishaps we only managed to get to two. However, I’m pleased with my book haul and we managed to tick all of our themes!

Our first stop was McDonalds for breakfast. We had quite the day on our hands, which was nothing a sausage and egg bagel and a cup of coffee couldn’t sort out!

We left there about 9:40am so that we could get on the road to the first independent bookshop which was Wenlock Books!

I adored the outside and I will admit, I did go a bit ‘window display snappy happy!’ but here’s an idea of what there was on the outside!

Into The Fire by Manda Scott featured in both bookshops we visited!

When we stepped in we were greeted immediately by Susie. Unfortunately we didn’t get to meet Anna who owns the bookshop, but Susie was lovely and the bookshop really was incredible. We could have easily spent more time there if we weren’t on a book crawl!

I nearly picked up this copy of my favourite book but managed to stop myself!

So our theme for this bookshop was ‘Mine': our personal recommendation to one another. It took a while for me to find the right book for The Book Goddess but the moment I saw it I knew she’d love it.

I read Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews last March and I loved it (I rated it five out of five bookworms!) There is a film adaptation of this that has already hit the festival circuit and will be coming out later this year so I’m looking forward to seeing it. I’m also looking forward to seeing what The Book Goddess thinks of it!

With our bank accounts significantly emptied we got in the car and headed to Attingham Park in Shrewsbury where we originally intended to have a picnic before going to the next bookshop.

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A great big thank you to The Bookie Monsters and The Book Goddess for including Wenlock Books in their bookshop crawl - we hope to see you both again soon!

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