7 Questions with Andrew Hall

We asked Andrew Hall seven questions about being a blogger and his favourite books! Andrew is an award winning blogger who runs The Pewter Wolf!

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1) What was your inspiration for writing your blog?
"My inspiration was boredom. When I started book blogging in summer 2010, I was unemployed. I was spending quite a bit of time on Twitter, chatting about books and I was reading more, to keep myself sane from the job hunting. I don't really remember, but I must have seen a book blog and thought "That looks like fun" because I started doing it. I just stumbled into it without really thinking about it."

2) What were the main challenges that you faced when starting your blog and what are the challenges that you continue to face?
"At first, I didn't worry about it. I was doing it for me. But when publishers started reading my blog and were giving me books to read, I was worried about saying no to the book or giving a review to a book I disliked. What if they never spoke to me again, because I wrote a bad review? That became my main worry. While I have got over this fear now (well, saying "No, thank you" I'm more happy about. Worrying about what people think of my reviews... that fear is still there), but my main worry is the guilt of the giant TBR pile. I'm not as fast a reader as other book bloggers and I always feel like am playing catch up half the time. But all I can do is take a deep breath and read at a pace I'm comfortable with."

3) As a child or young teenager did you want to be a book blogger and if so, is it as you expected?
"When I was in my teens, book blogging didn't really exist. It seems to have happened in the past 5 or so years and it's a wonderful thing. If it was about when I was in my teens, my reading would have been more wider than it was, which was crossover fantasy books such as Harry Potter, Sabriel and His Dark Materials."

4) Who are the bloggers and writers that have influenced you?
"That is a difficult question to answer because I think I'm a tiny bit of a magpie - taking things I like from this person and that person and throwing it in a pot. Writers is much easier - JK Rowling, Garth Nix, Philip Pullman and Stephanie Meyer were authors who's writing I loved as a teen. As for now... too many to say now.

Bloggers - when I started, the blogging community was wonderful and so welcoming. I remember Sya from Mountain of Instead, Emma from Book Angel Booktopia and Michelle from Fluttering Butterflies really helping me find my voice and taking time out to talk to me over things that I thought were mountains, but were molehills."

5) What are your favourite blogs / who are your favourite book bloggers?
"I hate this question as it really depends on my mood and my taste. Plus, I always seem to discover a new blogger or vlogger every week (which is why the YA blogsphere is wonderful. It's always growing!) so I might dodge this question, in exchange for this gif..."

6) What's in your reading pile currently?
"Far too many books (is that possible?!). Last time I counted, I had over a hundred physical books and goodness knows how many more on my eReader. But the last few books I bought (at YALC) was Counting Stars by Keris Stainton, Monsters by Emerald Fennell, Vivian Vereus the Apocalypse by Katie Coyle and The Accident Season by Moria Fowley-Doyle. I'm trying to read Rebbeca by Daphne du Maurier - it's very different to what I'm use to reading, but we shall see..."

7) What is your all time favourite book?
"This is both a hard and surprisingly easy answer: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I adore the Harry Potter series as this was the series I read throughout my teens, but this has a special place in my heart. I think it's because of Lupin..."