Sparky Mark visits bookclub


This week we were lucky enough to have Sparky Mark (AKA Mark Niel) visiting bookclub. Accompanied by his guitar, Mark performed songs and poetry (both memorised and improvised) such as the captivating My Teacher is an Alien:

Mark also did some creative writing with the group; some rhyming poetry beginning with the prompt "I need you like a <... > needs <... >".


Here are some of the group's best lines:

I need you like...

I need you like the beach needs the sun
I need you like I need buns
I need you like Usain Bolt needs to run
I need you like children need fun
I need you like a chef needs a fan
I need you like a pencil needs a hand
I need you like a drum needs a band
I need you like a farmer needs land
I need you like the lonely need friends
I need you like the bank needs to lend
I need you like a letter needs to send
I need you like a book needs to end

- by Grace, Deryn, Daisy, Tia, Tyler, Rory, Archie and Lois

Sparky Mark's new book is called My New Teacher Is An Alien (and other little fibs), and will be launched at Wenlock Poetry Festival on Saturday 25th April 2015, 10am at the Edge Arts Centre. TIckets are available from