We did it!

We're a bit late with this update, as the Kickstarter campaign for crowd-funding the Wenlock Poetry Festival Anthology ended last Tuesday night, but we are thrilled to announce that we raised a grand total of £1,642 through Kickstarter pledges and over-the-counter pledges via the shop. We have already thanked all our backers, but here is another huge, huge thank you to everyone who took part, whether it was pledging money or simply spreading the word.

This means, of course, that the Anthology is going ahead - in fact, it's at the printers right now and will be arriving in the shop next week in time for the Poetry Festival - and it is bigger and better than we could ever have imagined. The cover is gorgeous and the poems donated by poets are simply brilliant. Our wonderful editor, Nadia Kingsley of Fair Acre Press, has done a sterling job and found a flow through the poems that makes the anthology really sing. Are the gods smiling down at us? It certainly feels like it.

For those that want to beat the queues at the till, we'll be putting the Anthology up for sale on the website - along with other must-buy books from the poets appearing at the Festival - over the next couple of days. You will be able to buy your copy online and then pick it up at the bookshop at your leisure over the festival weekend. Watch this space!