Schools Competition

Calling all teachers and parents!

Do you know any Shropshire lads or lasses who would like to win a £20 book token for themselves and a £50 book token for their school?

To enter our competition, all they have to do is design an image to be used on a book token for Wenlock Books and submit it using the entry form linked below.

We will choose winners in three age categories (0-8, 9-12 and 13-16) who will each receive a £20 Wenlock Books voucher. The overall winner will also win an additional £50 voucher for their school.

The competition is open to all children and young people in Shropshire aged 0 to 16. The closing date is 31 March 2015.

Click here for an entry form (PDF).

We are also stocking this year's World Book Day books so do encourage pupils to come and use their WBD vouchers.

On the subject of schools, I've enjoyed a fabulous day at John Wilkinson School in Broseley today - do let me know if you would like a book-related event at your school!

Anna x

PS - The Wenlock Poetry Festival's Children and Young People's events are now online: Michael Rosen is head-lining and we've also got a special 'Wild Wenlock' poetry teepee village planned. It's going to be great!