We're going on a bard hunt...

To be precise, we're hunting for poetry lovers to help fund the exciting and unique Wenlock Poetry Festival Anthology.

The Wenlock Poetry Festival was the very first in England to publish an anthology, but funding cuts mean the publication is now under threat. So, this year - In collaboration with Nadia Kingsley of Fair Acre Press (the anthology's publisher) - we have launched a Kickstarter campaign to ensure the future of this popular book.

As Anna (who co-founded the festival in 2010) says, 'I am very proud of the anthology. We ask every poet performing to donate a poem. It is an extraordinary opportunity for readers to see the range of amazing voices appearing at the festival, and it means the festival has a life beyond its fizzing weekend of events.”

All those who pledge towards our Kickstarter campaign will receive a copy of the anthology and there are other great rewards for those feeling especially generous. For more information, take a look at our Kickstarter page, where you can see the rewards, watch a video we made and read about why the anthology is such an important part of the Wenlock Poetry Festival.

If you are not able to back the campaign personally, please spread the word! The deadline for pledges is Tuesday, 7 April 2015 and in that time we are hoping to raise £500. Then it will be all hands to the deck to produce a beautiful anthology in time for this year's Wenlock Poetry Festival which will take place from Friday, 24 to Sunday 26 April!

The Poet Tree from Wenlock Poetry Festival 2014

The Poet Tree from Wenlock Poetry Festival 2014