Readers' Tour of Venice: Day Three

A grey, misty and downright drizzly day today, so not many photos as I'm rendered one-handed by the need for a brolly. If this keeps up, we'll be needing to buy plastic rain-covers for our shoes in the morning!

Today was our visit to the Rialto where Anne gave a fascinating  talk about Shakespeare and Venice, including a very satisfying theory as to the strong likelihood of his actually being familiar with Venice, its customs, its culture, its education system, mercantile activity and politics. Once again, the talk was enlivened with Anne's vast knowledge, ready humour and her deep and wide understanding of all things Venetian. 

The later part of the morning was spent visiting the Ghetto - always moving and painful. Michael was able to explain much of the history of this, the first ghetto: the place where the word ghetto originates.  The memorial here is very special, in that the name of every Jew who was rounded up and taken away, never to return, is recorded in plain everyday view, never to be forgotten. Over the last 20 years, the area has become enlivened by the presence of families and children. Gradually, the pain that used to 'seep through the very walls', while never being forgotten, is at last being tempered with the ongoingness and resilience of life. 

We shared coffee together, complete with candelabra on the table, then went our separate ways for the afternoon. Hil and I went to the Fortuny museum and the Friary before heading off to join the group for a pre-supper Spritz (or Prosecco) and to catch up on everyone's stories. I can't believe there's already only one full day left!

Anna x